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Yaacov Agam

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2013        May The Unexpected – Time in Art, Bruno Art Group, Singapore
2013        April Beyond the Invisibale, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,

2012        Interactive computer touch screen research
2011        Construction oft he Agam Museum, Rishon LeZion, Israel
               Design of 3 new buildingd at the Ne´eman Tower, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010        Design of the façade of the Building for the Shui-Yuan Market in

               including a polymorph of 14x14 meter on the main façade
2009        Monumental Art Work for the new stadium for world games at
               Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2007        Agam initiated a project for a monumental environmental sculpture in
               Las Vegas, USA
2004        Agam realized the façade design for 3 large KODAK buildings in
               Prague, Czech
2003        Agam realized the façade of a group of buildings called Migdalei
               Ne’eman, in north Tel Aviv, considered as the greatest inhabited
               colored sculpture buildings of the world
2002        Memorial for the Holocaust, New Orleans, USA
2001        Design of the synagogue in New York, USA
2000        Memorial for the new Jewish Community Centre building in Buenos
               Aries, Argentina


Selected Group Exhibitions

1988        3rd International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition, Taiwan
1986        Trend in Geometric Abstract Art, Tel Aviv Museum
1982        Le Totem, Musée de l'Homme, Paris
1979        Meissner Editions, Art Center, Hong Kong
1976        Grand et Jeunes d'aujourd'hui, Grand Palais, Paris
1972        72 Douze ans d'Art contemporain en France, Grand Palais, Paris
1971        25 Ans de peinture en France, 1945- 1970, National Museum, Seoul
1971        Art & Science, Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
1970        First prize in the international festival of painting, Cagnessur- Mer
1969        Agam, Lifschitz, Zaritsky: Three Israeli Artists, Whitechapel Art

                Gallery, London
1969        Masterpieces of Modern Art, Galerie Denis René, Paris
1968        Painting in France, 1900-1967, National Gallery, Washington D.C.

                and the Metropolitan Museum
1967        Art Contemporain, Pavillion de la France, Motreal
1967        Art and Movement, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
1966        Primary Structures, the Jewish Museum, New York
1965        The Responsive Eye, the Museum of Modern Art, New York
1964        Venice Biennale
1964        On the Move: International Exhibition of Kinetic Art, Howard Wise
1963        Art & Movement, Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
1963        Sao Paulo Biennale- prize for artistic research premier salon
               international de Galeries Pilotes, Musée Cantonal, Lausanne
1962        Modern Art Of Israel, Tokyo (and tour)

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