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아담 핸들러 Adam Handler

뉴욕을 중심으로 국제무대에서 활동하고 있는 작가 아담 핸들러의 작업은 우리 삶에서의 환희의 순간 혹은 상실과 이별, 불안과 같은 주제를 천진난만한 아이의 시각으로 환원하여 바라보게 한다. 다채로운 색상과 자유로운 구성력이 뛰어난 화면은 소녀와 고스트를 중심으로 비, 야생화, 행성 등으로 가득한 우주 세계를 형성한다. 자전적 삶이 녹아 있는 히어로들의 세계, 환상의 우주 정원으로 표현된 핸들러의 작품은 어린 시절의 순수함으로 친근하게 우리를 데려가는 동시에 독창적인 시각언어를 통해 우리가 세상을 인식하는 새로운 방식을 제시한다. 그는 동심 어린 시선으로 따뜻한 공감과 내면적 소통을 이어간다.

Visually akin to children's drawings, Handler's paintings exude freedom, innocence, and primitiveness, making them hallmark features of his work. These painterly scenes he creates manifest his guileless and intuitive voice, effectively supplanting the inherent anxieties and losses rooted in personal stories with cheerful energy. For over thirteen years, he has consistently portrayed endearing ghosts, sportive girls, and various flora and fauna. Initially conveyed through monochromatic drawings with a dismal undertone, these characters served as a way for him to intimately represent and find solace in the inevitable losses he once experienced. His narrative subsequently unveiled a fantastical world, where allies such as bats, snakes, foxes, or fish, coexist or engage in battles amid UFOs in cosmos-like backgrounds adorned with flowers or stars. In this fashion, he delves into fleeting moments in life, counterbalancing fear with joyous instances and translating his emotions, rooted in the love of cherished ones and personal memories, into vivid canvases. 

Adam Handler (b.1986)

BA in Art History: State University at Purchase, NY, 2008

주요 개인전 Selected Solo Exhibitions


Adam Handler: Girl & The Ghost, Gallery JJ, Seoul, South Korea

For You, Villazan Gallery, Madrid, Spain


Ghost Poems, Guy Hepner Gallery, NYC

Love Land, Cohle Gallery, Paris, France

Hanami Party, Helwaser Gallery, NYC

Spanish Hearts, Granada Gallery, Madrid, Spain

Parallel Universe, Caelis Galeria, Shanghai, China

A Little Lost, Galerie COA, Montreal, Canada


Ghost, D’Stassi Art, London, UK

Love at First Sight, Trinity Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

Sweet Stranger, 42 Art Space, Beijing, China

CUT, CB Gallery, Katonah, NY

Hug, Madelyn Jordon Fine Art, Scarsdale, NY

Twinkling Unknowns, Cohle Gallery, Paris, France

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