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두민 | Do Min

“Dice has meaningful attributes of life. Dice thrown in the air means a coincidence of life and an unknown destiny and the fallen dice shows the result in the inevitable fate.” It sometimes is motionless in the limited frame of the canvas. The moving dices in the water and in the air is like a cross-section of life. Despite fate though, the energetic sentiment expressed in the work demonstrates that fate itself is already in the hand of oneself and thus arouses an optimistic attitude like ‘Carpe Diem.


As detail as photo-realism, Do Min’s portrayal of the transparent beauty from the reflection evokes Narcissus' desire. The image of the work is the result of a performative act of looking at the projection actually throwing the dice hundreds of times until he finds a satisfactory image to proceed with. Also, the canvas does not end with a two-dimensional plane but becomes three-dimensional by applying epoxy on the image of dice.


His quest begins from the projection of desire and attitude of life to the interest in painting itself, and now pinpointing the basic elements such as brushing methods and rendering light. He currently studies whether the brush strokes representing the subtle changes of light can be seen through to the emotions, and wishes to show the power of moving objects in the work. The titles – <Fortune Holic> and <Enjoyable> - infer that he now reached the stage to enjoy the painting itself.


Born 1976, Korea

2003 B.F.A, Chugye University, Seoul



2013 Enjoyable, Gana Art Busan, Korea

2011 Fortune Holic, Gana Contemporary, Seoul

2009 Fortune-Janus, Gana Arts Gangnam, Seoul



2015 REAL EYES, Gallery Caution, Tokyo

2014 Art 14 | Olympia, London, Art Palm Beach, Miami

2013 Gift of 7th Room, Soul Art Gallery, Seoul

         KOREAN COLLECTIVE, Albemarle Gallery & Shine Artists, London

2012 Plastic Days, PoHang Museum Of Steel Art, Pohang

2012-2008  INSA art center, Seoul / Gana Art Center, Seoul / Interalia     

         Space A, Korea

         ARCO_madrid ART FAIR 2010, Korea International Art Fair, Hong             Kong International Art Fair, Art Taipei



2005 Danwon Grand Art Exhibition, Special Prize

2003 Joongang Grand Art Exhibition, Special Prize / NewFrontier Grand Art Exhibition, Special Prize


RESIDENCY; 2008~ Gana Atelier, Jang-heung, Korea

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