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제니 강 | Jenny Kang

Jenny Kang’s unique color field creates a new atmosphere that is ambiguous and drifting fuzzy, similar to the gaze to the distant horizon. The colors in the upper and in the lower part of the canvas penetrate each other to form a vague boundary. Whereas Barnett Newman has provided the experience of the color itself and its flatness by introducing vertical lines called the zips, Jenny provides a more complex mutual relationship of the colors in their boundaries. A stable composition with the dense surface, the boundary becomes an element of the pure meditation and its spirituality.


This color field expresses her inner world where she liberally mixes her own color and iterates the brush strokes to substitute her emotions. The night sky and cherry blossoms leads us to the perception of faint colors. She communicates with the viewers through colors.


2002-2005 University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom



2015  Seoul Art Show, Coex, Seoul

2014  Seoul Art Show, Coex, Seoul

       Bank Art Fair Singapore, Pan Pacific Hotel

2014  IFC mall, Yeouido, Seoul

      한국경제갤러리(한국경제신문사 초대)



2016  ‘Ecole’, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul

      tvN 10th Anniversary Drama ‘Memory’ PPL Sponsored Work

2015  New York Art Expo, New York

      BAMA 2015, Bexco, Busan

      ‘Beautiful Mind Ecole 37 Artist’, Insa Art Center

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