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이강소 | Kang So Lee

1943  Born in Daegu, Korea



1965  Graduated from Painting Dept. Seoul National University

1982-93  Professor of Gyeongsang National University, Korea

Selected Exhibitions

1983  The 4th Seoul International Print Biennale, Superior Class Prize, Seoul, Korea

1985-86  A Visiting Artist, State University of New York at Albany, USA

1991  Triangle Artist Workshop, New York, USA

1991-92  Studio Artist Program, P.S.1, The Institute for Contemporary Art,

          New York, USA

2002  The 3rd Awarded Lee In-Sung Art Prize, Daegu, Korea

1968  Founded in Seoul an art study group ‘Shincheje’ (New System)

1970-74   The 1st-8th Exhibition of Shincheje Group, Seoul, Korea

1971-73   Participated in the A.G (Korean Avant-Garde Association)

1972-79   The 1st-5th Indipendence, National Museum of Contemporary Art

1974   Founded the first Korean Contemporary Art Festival, Daegu           

           Contemporary Art Festival, Daegu, Korea

1974-79   The 1st-5th Daegu Contemporary art Festival, Daegu, Korea

1975-99   The 1st-24th L’École de Séoul








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