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이규학 | Kyu-Hak Lee

Kyu-Hak Lee pays homage to van Gogh with his multimedia mosaic work. His work has a strategy of appropriation and adaptation. He creates a dynamic image by a unique technique in which shredded Styrofoam wrapped with magazine, newspaper or Hanji (Korean traditional paper) is densely populated on the surface. The dense mosaic surface reverts the painterly element into a relief. It also recalls both commemorative permanence and ephemeral lightness. Brushstrokes of the old master turns into the contemporary world’s temporality or replaced by alien media when facing us.


His use of condensed Styrofoam, newspaper, magazine, and hanji as painterly materials has highlighted him in numerous art fairs in Europe and America; especially in Miami art scene.


His work representing old masters’ brushstroke, patter, and color alludes and critiques the capitalist society and its value. His materials indicate vanity – Styrofoam breaks burns and melts easily but implies the current society the best. Reinterpreting precedents with such materiality cleverly infers the abstract distribution of capital and information and its futility. His Monument series depicts culture and civilization; tradition and novelty; Eastern and Western; and past and present.





Master of Fine Arts, Chung-Ang University, Korea



2013 ‘Monument- Homage to Van Gogh’ Gallery MEE, Seoul, Korea

‘Monuments’ Black Square Gallery, Miami, USA

And more



2015 new Space, Now Contemporary Art Gallery, Miami, USA

2014 ‘Expression; Draw or Feel’ Gallery JJ, Seoul, Korea

         ‘Paper Art Project’ Black Square Gallery, Miami, USA

2012 A-One International Art Show, Fukuoka Asian museum, Japan

         “Summer Reading” Black Square Gallery, Miami, USA

2011 A-One International Art Show, South Museum Guangzhou, China

         "The Bottom of Real scape" Pohang City Museum, Korea        

2009~ Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich, Switzerland / Gallery Arts space, Tokyo,

         Japan / Société Nationale

         des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel du Louvre-Salle Le Nôtre, Paris, France /               Gallery Hellof, Kronberg, Frankfurt, Germany

Recent Art Fairs:  Art Wynwood, Miami, Art Miami, Scope Basel, Korea Galleries Art Fair, Art Monaco, Scope New York, Art by Geneva, Lineart International Art Fair, KIAF, And more.



Boghossian Foundation-Brussels-Belgium, Busch co. Ltd-Germany, Artist pension trust-England, Arteallimite collection-chile, Monaco, London, New York, Paris. Miami, Shanghai, Geneva, and a lot more Private Collections



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