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쉴라 갈라허 | Sheila Gallagher

Sheila Gallagher는 보스턴 출신의 멀티미디어 작가이다. 인지력과 다양한 표현기법을 탐구하여 영상을 비롯하여 꽃 설치, 스모크 페인팅, 컴퓨터 드로잉 등 여러 형태의 작업을 한다. Gallagher는 미국 북동부 지방에서 활동하여 주로 ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), 보스턴 미술관, 보스턴 미술센터, 웨슬리 대학 등에서 전시를 하였다. 1996년에 보스턴미술관 학교와 터프츠 대학에서 미술석사를 마치고, 현재는 보스턴 대학의 교수이자 작가로 활동 중이다.

Sheila Gallagher is a multi-media artist living in Boston who explores the nature of perception, belief, and different modes of representation. Her work includes video, flower installations, smoke paintings, and computer-aided drawing. Widely exhibited in New England, Gallagher's work has been shown at such venues as The Institute of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Boston Center for the Arts, and Wellesley College.

Gallagher received her MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University. She is a Trustee of Saint Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish where she is the chairman of the contemporary exhibitions committee. She has taught at Wellesley College, the Art Institute of Boston, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Boston College. She is the Co-Director of The Becker Archive at Boston College. The Judy Rotenberg Gallery and lives and works in Jamaica Plain represent Gallagher.

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