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함연주 | Youn-Joo Ham

Her fame begins with room sized entangled webs of her hair and geometric formations with tens thousands of crystals. These materials represent feminine, fragile and complement elements. A useless fallen hair that was once a part of the body can potentially be strong and beautiful by supporting each other. She pays attention to the material characters and behaviors to expose bodily energy, material reaction, contingency and transformation when interacted among themselves and with the artist herself. This tension and fragility of materials, through the elements of repetition and shadow, can reinforce its presence to form a life.


This round shaped work embodies an image of perpetually blossoming flower from a single node. Delicacy and splendidness are well expressed in this image of seed to blossom. The seed, the birth of life, is a topic that she focuses recently. She enjoys the way to show another her portrait by taking the weak and miniscule elements as the beginning of life, a kind of morpheme.


Youn-Joo Ham graduated from Pratt institute in New York with MFA degree in sculpture, and since then she has been exhibiting her work around the globe including Basel, Miami, New York, Prague, and Düsseldorf among others. Her work has been recognized for its quality through exhibitions at the National Gallery of Prague (Czech Republic), National Museum of Contemporary Art (S. Korea) and Seoul Museum of Art. She also has collaborated with corporate offices such as LG where her feminine and intricate art imbued a warm sentiment to rather taciturn white goods.

Born 1971, Korea

1999 MFA, Pratt Institute, New York

MFA & BFA, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul



2015 “Blooming”, Severance Art Space, Seoul

2014 ‘From Neverland’, Yoo Art Space, Seoul

2009~1998  Gallery IHN, Seoul / ART PARK, Seoul / O.K.Harris, New 

          York / Pratt Studios, New York

          And more



2015 ‘MOMENTUM’, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

         ‘Look at their Stories’, Sungkok Museum, Seoul

         ‘ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER’, Bukseoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2011 ‘Open-Air Art Project 2011 My Land or Your Land?’, Busan Museum

         of Art, Busan

         ‘Show Me Your Hair’, Coreana Museum of Art, Seoul

         ‘Floating Hours_Moon is the Oldest Clock’,National Gallery, 

          Prague, Prague

2010~1998 Construction Site of National Art Museum in Seoul, Seoul / Arco Art Center, Art Council Korea, Seoul / SoMA Museum of Art, Seoul / Art Sonje Center, Seoul / Seoul Museum of Art / Seoul Art Center Hangaram Art Museum / POSCO Art Museum, Seoul / Gyeonggido Museum of Art Women’s History through generation maturation’ P-House, Tokyo / PASSAGE de RETZ, Paris / mushroomarts, New York / Art Omi, New York / ‘Art Basel’ Miami Beach, Miami / Atelier am Eck, Düsseldorf 

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