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사이먼 몰리 | Simon Morley

사이먼 몰리의 작업은 단색조의 화면을 보여주며 텍스트를 주요 소재로 회화를 탐구한다. 작가는 문자와 이미지 간의 관계를 탐색하면서 관습적인 것들의 틈 혹은 ‘사이(in-between)’, 경계의 공간에서 사유한다. 그는 회화를 비롯한 시각예술과 책, 그리고 다른 담론, 역사적 출처들 간의 융합을 이끌어내려고 하며, 북페인팅을 비롯한 다양한 시도를 하고 있다. 오늘날 테크놀로지의 속도와 전자책을 비롯한 매끈한 디지털 감성이 지배적인 가운데, 자고 일어나면 새로운 것들이 생겨 있다. 이들에게 대체되고 자리를 내어준 오래된 것들, 고전이나 누아르 영화와 고서, 오래된 벽 광고, 곧 아날로그 문화에 대한 이야기가 작가의 화면 속에 있다. 특유의 조용하고 명상적으로 다가오는 개념적 예술 세계는 국제 무대에서 인정받으면서 많은 미술관들에 작품이 소장되고 컬렉터들에게 꾸준히 인기를 더하고 있다.

Simon Morley's work presents monochromatic surface and explores painting with text as the main subject matter. The artist contemplates the relationship between text and image, ruminating in the gap or 'betweenness' of conventional things, in the space of boundaries. He seeks to bring about a fusion between visual arts such as painting, books, and other discourses, historical sources, and attempts various endeavors including book painting. In the dominant atmosphere of today's rapidly changing technology and sleek digital sensibilities including e-books, new things emerge when you sleep and wake up. Amidst these, there are stories of analog culture, old things replaced and given way to them, classics or noir films and old books, old wall advertisements, soon, in the artist's picture plane. His unique, quiet, and meditative conceptual art world is gaining recognition on the international stage, with his works being collected in many art galleries and steadily gaining popularity among collectors.


Born 1958, in Eastbourne, UK.

Lives and works in South Korea and France.

2013      PhD, University of Southampton

1998      MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London

1980      BA Modern History, Mansfield College, Oxford University


Selected Solo Exhibitions 

2021   ‘1948’ and Other Paintings, Gallery JJ, Seoul

            ‘Ex Libris’, Jesuitenbibliothek, Zurich, Switzerland

2020   ‘Ex Libris’, Bibliothek Sankt Georgen, Frankfurt, Germany

             Sankt Peter, Cologne, Germany

2018    ‘Parallel’, Hanmi Gallery, Seoul

             ‘Our Utopia’, Youlhwadang Book Museum, Paju Book City, Korea

2017    ‘Invisible’, Courtauld Institute Library, London

2016    ‘Soyez realistes. Demandez l’impossible’, DomaineM, Cerilly, France

2015    ‘Korean Works, 2010-15’, Gallery JJ, Seoul

            ‘Kiss Me Deadly’, Gallery Baton, Seoul

2014   ‘Albert Camus: Oeuvres’, Galerie Scrawitch, Paris

            ‘Book-Painting,’ Lounge Project, Art Sonje Center, Seoul

            ‘Lost Horizon’, Art First, London

2012   ‘Monograph’, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo

2011   ‘Korea Land of the Dawn, and Other Paintings’, Art Link Gallery, Seoul

            ‘A Short History of the Twentieth Century’, Art First Gallery, London

            ‘Guest from the Future’ (with Maria Chevska), Galerie8, London

2010   ‘Six Halls’, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo

           ‘Moon is Homeland Bright’, Kyunghee Univ. Museum of Art, Seoul

            ‘Messagerie’, Musée des Beaux Arts, Dijon, France

2009   ‘Hitchcock’s Blondes’, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo

            ‘The Rose Annual, 1924’, Art First Project Space, London

            ‘Cine Italia’, Metis_NL, Amsterdam

2008   ‘Moon Palace’, Paik Hae Young Gallery, Seoul

           ‘Cine Italia’, Zonca & Zonca, Milan 

2007   ‘A Short History of Dutch Painting, Part II’, Metis_NL, Amsterdam

           ‘Classic Japanese Movies’, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo

           ‘The English Series’, Art First, London

2005   ‘Bookpainting’, Fiera del Libro d’Arte, Palazzo del Re, Bologna

            ‘VIRUS’, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo

            ‘A Short History of Dutch Art’, Metis_NL, Amsterdam    

           ‘Rossa’, Galleria Spazia, Bologna

           ‘Reading Room’ (with Maria Chevska), MOCA Peckham, London

2004   ‘A Short History of Modern Japanese Fiction’, Taguchi Fine Art, Tokyo

         Solo Presentation, MiArt, Milan (Percy Miller Gallery)             

2003   ‘Post Card’, Percy Miller Gallery, London

           ‘The Life of Things’, 3 Degrees West Gallery, Grasmere, UK

            (Artist-in-Residence exhibition)

           ‘The Unfortunate Tourist of Helvellyn and his Faithful Dog’,

           3 Degrees West Gallery, Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, UK

2002   ‘Italian Holiday’, Zero arte contemporanea, Piacenza, Italy

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021  ‘Colours,’ Galleria Spazia, Bologna, Italy

2019  ‘1968’, Three-person show at Eagle Gallery, London

2017  ‘Wider than the Sky’, Artspace Boan 1943, Seoul

2016  ‘Bookish’, Thomas Park Gallery, Seoul

          ‘Writing on the Wall’, Art First, London

          ‘A L’Echelle des Mots’, Espace Larith, Chambery, France

2015  ‘Visible Air’, Kyunghee University Museum of Art, Seoul

2014  ‘Le Mont Analogue’, Galerie Julien Bezille, Paris

          ‘Moon’, Art First Gallery, London

          ‘Universal Studios, Seoul’, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

          ‘Memoire de guerre,’ Musée Romain Rolland, Clamecy, France

2013  ‘Crossing Spaces’, Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover, Germany

          ‘Natural History’, Art First, London

          ‘Monocromi. Dalla Materia alla Superficie. La Poetica dell’oggetto.

           Morley e Pinelli,’ Galleria Spazia, Bologna

          Chang Eung-Bok’s Boutique Hotel, ‘Peach Blossom Dream’, SeMA, Seoul

          Gwangju Design Biennial (collab. with Chang Eung-Bok), Gwangju, Korea

2012  Poznan Mediations Biennial, ‘The Unknown’, Poznan, Poland

          REAL DMZ, Cheorwon Province, South Korea, curated by Samuso

2010  ‘Gyeonggi Creation Center Residency Program Exhibition’, Incheon Art

          Platform, South Korea

2009  ‘Self-Taught’, Uri and Rami Museum, Ashdot Yaacov, Israel

          ‘ZOOM’, Looking Back/Looking Forward’, Art First, London

2008  Michael Petry’s ‘Golden Rain’, On the Edge exhibition, Savenger, Norway,

          European Capital of Culture Exhibition

2006 ‘Les Mots pour le faire’, with Yves Chaudouet and Maria Chevska, Musée

          Romain Rolland, Clamecy, France

2005  ‘A Picture of Britain’, Tate Britain, London

          ‘Ex Roma’, Abbey Award Winners Exhibition, APT Gallery, London

          ‘Lost and Found in Translation’, Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall    

          'Art is a Word', Benefit exhibition for the Museums of Israel, Christie’s, London


Public and Corporate Collections

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (Ansan, South Korea), Musee des Beaux Arts (Dijon, France), Akxo Nobel (Holland), Cityside Development (London), Musée Romain Rolland (Clamecy, France), Tate Gallery Library (London), Victoria and Albert Museum Library (London), Wordsworth Trust (Grasmere, UK), Sotheby’s Institute of Art (London), Winchester School of Art Artists’ Book Collection (UK)


Awards, Residencies & Fellowships

2010     Artist in Residence, Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea

2008     Artist in Residence, Paik Hae Young Gallery, Seoul

2005     Artist in Residence, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Parc Saint Leger, Pougues-les-Eaux, Burgundy, France

2004     Abbey Fellow in Painting, The British School in Rome

2003/04             British Council Travel Award (Japan)

2002/03 Artist-in-Residence, The Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere, Cumbria, UK

2000     Elephant Trust Grant

1998     London Arts Board Grant


Gallery JJ Project 34

2021. 9. 29 (Wed) - 11. 6 (Sat)

Gallery JJ Project 15

2015. 10. 7 (Wed)  - 11. 24 (Tue)

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